Located next to the Fairfield Fun Center and Miles of Golf at Dixie Highway and the Route 4 Bypass, the Stockton Beer Garden features outdoor seating, authentic German food and local craft beers. Guests will be reminded of the history of Stockton (the lost village at Stockton Rd. and Seward Rd.) as they sit at the beautiful outdoor tables and benches and enjoy their beer and wine, authentic pretzels and tasty brats with all the fixings – mustard, sauerkraut, caramelized onions, peppers and great breads. Join with local residents as we experience the village coming alive again.

The Stockton Beer Garden is a great place for family and friends to socialize. With activities next door including miniature golf, baseball/softball batting cages, and a golf driving range, there are many ways to to have fun.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday  9a – 10p (grill menu available after 6p)

Friday  9a – 12a (grill menu available after 6p)

Saturday  9a – 12a (grill menu available after 1p)

Sunday  1p – 8p (grill menu available after 1p)

Stockton Beer Garden  6400 Dixie Highway  Fairfield, OH 45014  phone: 513.816.7762




History of Stockton, Ohio

In the early 1850s, the pieces were falling into place for the creation of a new town between Cincinnati and Hamilton.  In 1851, the Cincinnati, Hamilton, Dayton Rail Road began running trains between Cincinnati and Dayton through mostly farmland.  One of the farms was the John Jones family farm of 300 acres and part of that farm is right here under your feet at the Stockton Beer Garden.

With the opening of the Cincinnati, Hamilton, Dayton Rail Road, five stops or stations were created between Hamilton and Cincinnati, one of which was called “Jones Station”.  This station, located at the intersection of Stockton Road and Seward Road, would eventually become the town of Stockton.  Jones Station became a busy little community with the opening of the Treudly General Store, Schmitt Tavern and Garden, Amiot’s Blacksmith, the Outten Dairy, Stroh’s Tavern, and the Valley Chapel Church.  One of the last remaining buildings from early Stockton is the Stockton School on the south east corner of Ross Rd and Dixie Highway.  If you look south from the Stockton Beer Garden you can see a red brick building in remarkably good shape.  That’s the Stockton School built in 1877.

Another prominent family settled in the area in the 1850’s – Dr. Richard Stockton Reed and his family.  Dr. Reed’s son, William Reed, also a doctor, was a familiar figure driving his horse and carriage making house calls well into the 20th Century. Most likely in the 1860s, Jones Station was re-named Stockton, Ohio.

Growing up in Stockton in the early 1900s was a young man named Johnny Black who was Stockton’s one man band heard playing numerous instruments.  He later composed two big hits, “Dardenella” and “Paper Doll”, which became one of the biggest hits of the 1940s.  Unfortunately, Johnny died before it became such a huge hit.  In 1936, he opened Club Dardanella in Hamilton and got in an altercation with a customer over 25 cents that cost him his life.

Much has changed in little Stockton, Ohio but as you enjoy your time at the Stockton Beer Garden, be assured that many former residents are smiling that a piece of Stockton has been recreated.

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  1. All I can say is good things about the Stockton Beer Garden. The authentic German food was delicious and the locally crafted beers are some of the best. I experienced quality service and was reminded of Stockton s rich culture.

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